Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Are Here!!!

We have safely made it to Ethiopia! 24 hours of travelling and 17 of it on 1 plane. It wasn't to bad we tried to sleep alot. We met the Trevinos in the airport in Washington DC so it was nice to have someone to go through customs with and figure out the whole visa thing and changing money. We had no problems at either airport. We even got lucky as we were checking in our bags in Pittsburgh and didn't have to pay the baggage fees! That was totally a God thing. We are now checked into our hotel thanks to Robel and we are ready to relax. It is about 11:30 here so we are going to try and get some sleep and catch up to the time change. We will see how that goes. We will try and update as much as possible but the internet connection here is a little slow. We can't even get on the blog so we will continue emailing Laura when possible with updates, as long as she doesn't mind!


Hollands said...

Woo hoo! Can you believe you are in the same city as your son?! Praying everything goes smoothly. Have a blast!

Hollands said...
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Crazy Roots in Africa said...

So glad you are all there and beginning this part of the adventure! Give Yourselves and the Trevinos a big hug from the Roots! We love y'all!