Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 1

Today was pretty uneventful. We stayed in our room and I slept the whole day. My fever was all over the board. I am hoping tomorrow is better. We talked to another couple here who said they felt the same way their first day here. So far since about 2:00 this morning the fever seems to have broke. It sucks being sick and so far away. Mark was worried he would have to figure out where to take me! We did walk down the street to the Zebra Grill for dinner. Mark really liked his spaghetti with meat (what kind of meat we are really unsure). I had spaghetti with tomatoes, wasn't a fan of it. I have a feeling I am going to be living on granola bars for the next week! I did have some eggs this morning but they didn't seem to sit to well, they were scrambled but they weren't the normal yellow color like at home. I am not very adventurous with food! There is a school outside our hotel and it was so sweet seeing all the little kids in their uniforms outside singing Mary Had a Little Lamb and counting in English very loudly! The streets here are pretty muddy, especially today because it rained. It is kind of strange when we walked to the Zebra Grill on the side of the road were about 5 dogs curled up under the trees sleeping. It is strange to me because we don't see wild dogs at home. These must be the dogs that are howling and fighting all night long! Well it is about 4 in the morning and I should try and get some more sleep. I think I am all sleeped out since that is all I did today! Hopefully we will have some pictures from our adventures tomorrow to post!

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Jessica said...

For food try Blue Top (by lion zoo). They have great (AMERICAN) pizza, burgers and fries. I finally just ordered an extra pizza to take back to the hotel, so that when I got hungry I had something familiar.

Blue Top has a "safe" menu and our group had almost everything on the menu and no one got sick. (I played it safe)