Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel

So I am officially a slacker at blogging! It has been almost 2 whole months since Daniels birthday and I haven't posted. Sorry. It was so bittersweet planning his big "2" birthday party. Getting to do it was the best gift ever but the thought of him already turning 2, ugh. He is getting so big and smart and just plain cute. If you ask him how old he is, he will state "two" in this cute little tiny voice (that he doesn't use ever) and hold up both his index fingers to show he is two. We have the best babysitter, she is the one that taught him to do this. It was amazing to see the excitement and sheer joy in his eyes as we sang happy birthday to him. His favorite part seemed to be when we were done and everyone started shouting and clapping. He would get the biggest smile on his face and clap too. As a first timer on the birthday party front, I thought it would be great to make him a 3D Lightning McQueen cake. It can't be that hard right? Well I thank God I have great friends who came over and worked on this cake with me for 4 hours to make the perfect cake for my perfect little man to make his birthday special. God gave me that idea so I had some quality time, lots of laughs and definitely a few memories with 2 great friends. Here is a picture of the finished cake:

Daniel is so loved by everyone, we had a great party and a great day thanks to all our family and friends.

Daniel got a bike for his birthday from mommy and daddy. He loves anything with wheels and especially loved his bike. It is a little big but by the time it is actually warm enough he will be able to ride it!

On Daniels actual birthday we had a cake just the 3 of us and celebrated the greatest gift God gave us. I couldn't help on that day think of his birth mother. Was she somewhere thinking of that day she brought the most precious, beautiful baby boy into the world? Did she know how much God loved her and this baby boy? Did she know that he would be so loved and well cared for? The love she must have had for this baby boy had to be amazing. One look at that sweet face and you are hooked. I am so thankful for the sacrifice she made so that we are able to celebrate this very specail day. I can hold my baby boy on his birthday and tell him how much he was truly loved and is loved and will forever be loved. I thank God for the choice that mother had to make because I don't think i could have. Mark told Daniel it was ok to take a bite out of the cake, it was so precious he knew it was wrong and hesitated a long while before diving right in!

Happy Birthday baby boy! May God continue to bless you more and more each year. You had one heck of a journey this past year and we can't wait to see what he has in store for you this year. We love you!