Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Shopping with a purpose

Help us win a Grant for our adoption!  Simply shop on our store using the following link.  For every order processed we get an entry into the drawing.  New vendors are being added daily.  Check it out and go Christmas shopping with a purpose, help us bring our baby boy home:

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Or if you know someone that would love a T-shirt, we still have shirts for sale, visit the links to the right of the page and select your size.

We want to thank everyone for their support through both of our adoptions.  We honestly couldn't do this without the love and support of our family and friends.  Your prayers are felt constantly and provide us comfort that through this emotional rollercoaster we are on called adoption we truly are not alone! 

Help us bring Daniel's baby brother home so he can use all the things that Daniel keeps hiding for him.  Today he pulled out a hat and put it on his dresser and said, "this is for my baby brother to wear".  I can't wait to see his face when we finally get pictures and information of the child God is choosing for us!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  This year Daniel wanted to be Goofy.  I did not think this was a hard request until I started looking for one.  They do not make a Halloween costume of Goofy for a child.  You can find them for adults but not children.  So thank goodness for Meka, my mom.  From a picture on the internet she was able to make this costume.

Daniel was so excited to wear it.  Even though it was raining and freezing cold outside.  I am so glad he is still young enough to be happy with not going door to door and only visiting family.  Think it will work again next year?

It is so fun to see Halloween through the eyes of a three year old. He is so afraid of anything with a mask or face paint.  I think it was one of the only times that he would NOT let go of my hands. And I am not afraid to say I loved it!!!!!!

On our way home he said from the back seat with all his candy and surprises, "Mommy I had fun trick or treating and I was a good boy" with such pride in his voice.  Can I freeze time and just leave him this age forever?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 Months Waiting

Nine months waiting! I can't believe it has been 9 months since we submitted our paperwork and were finally DTE for adoption #2. Some days it seems like "Wow it has been 9 months already" and some days it seems like "it has only been 9 months". 

The wait is so different this time.  It is always in the back of my mind but I am not completely obsessed with checking the yahoo groups for referrals and court dates.  I am not constantly checking my phone thinking today might be the day I see that 703 area code pop up on my phone.  Maybe it is because (based on wait times) I know we are only 1/2 way through the wait. 

The wait is the hardest part of adoption.  Especially for someone with control issues like me!  I do not like to be the one who has no control over when this piece of paper moves or when the I might see a picture.  When I think about this I have to laugh because sometimes I think God gave me the passion for adoption and heart for orphans because 90% of it is all out of my control.  There is nothing that I can do to speed up the referral process, there is nothing I can do to make an organization sign a letter, etc.  With adoption you sit and you wait.  I have learned a lot about waiting and patience through both processes.  The biggest lessons I have learned are:

1. I am never alone - even in the roughest times when I feel like He is not listening or not there, He is.  Probably more than ever because I need Him.

2.  I can handle more than I think I can - God won't give you something that you can't handle.  Your head might be saying "Oh no you can't do this or you won't make it through".  Trust me you can.  With the first adoption I said that once we got Daniels referral and picture, if I got stuck in court closures I would not be able to handle it. Well guess what not only did we get stuck in court closures, we didn't get to hold Daniel until 11 months after we first saw his picture.  I made it through, not by my own strength but by leaning on His!  I learned a lot about myself during that time.  I have complete and total faith and trust in God, I have a great support system of family and how to make the most out of a rough situation. 

3.  God's timing is way better than mine!  - the biggest lesson I have learned through adoption is God's timing is way better than mine.  His plan is always better even if I don't agree with the timeline.  If you just sit back and wait He will bless you more than you can even imagine.  We waited what seemed a lifetime to have Daniel and start our family.  But that lifetime (that wasn't so long) was so worth it and I can't imagine life without him.

So we have 9 months at least left of waiting to see that precious face of a baby boy with big brown eyes and a brilliant smile.  What will we learn through this time?  I can't wait to find out and see what God has in store for our little family.  I already have a hint of big things to come...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Some days I wish I was 3 again.  Everything is so simple in their little worlds.  The extent of the drama is when they don't listen and have a time out.  They know how to fix everything and don't understand when it really isn't that easy.

Tonight Daniel went to bed later than normal, and like always when he goes to bed late I seem to rush through the very important bedtime routine.  Which I did tonight, instead of 2 stories we read 1 short one.  He was overly tired and not listening so I finally hugged and kissed him, said good night and walked out the door.  About 10 minutes later he yells out to me "Mommy we didn't pray".  Feeling horrible I went in to pray with him.  He looked at me with those big brown eyes and said "We didn't pray after our story" (get the importance of the bedtime routine). So I started to pray and we prayed for all the normal things and then I said "and we pray for those who don't have mommies or daddies, enough food to eat or homes to keep them safe", that is when my 3 year old son broke my heart.  Ready for it? He stopped my prayer and said "Mommy why don't they have mommies or daddies?" I told him that I didn't know and that is why we needed to pray that they would find families to love them (not even thinking). He looked at me with the confused look he gets, that little nose all wrinkled up and said "They just left them".  I was thinking and didn't say anything (trying not to get to deep with my 3 year old at 10:00 at night). He had it all figured out, he said "Well mommy you need to call them" to which I said "and what would I say".  He said "You need to call them and tell them to come back to their families".  If only it were that easy.  Just a phone call and asking to return.  I have a feeling God is going to use him one way or another to do something to take care of those without families or mommies and daddies.  Because at 3 already he is worried for those with no mommies and daddies. What a heart he has already.  

I am so proud to be his mama, so thankful we get to be his forever family and so thankful for the gift God has given us to watch him grow in his relationship with God.  He loves Jesus so much already, God is going to do amazing things with this 3 year old little boy.  I love him so and am so grateful to be a part of his journey.

Happy Gotcha Day - Just a Little Late

I officially feel like a bad mom!  I wrote the post below on Daniel's Gotcha day in May and never posted it on the site.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  Well anyway enjoy.  I love especially the video of Daniel describing what his Gotcha Day is.

Happy Gotcha Day!

Wow how fast time flies!  I can’t believe 2 years ago today we went to the Transition Home, held our baby boy for the 2nd time except this time when we left he left with us on my lap and in my arms.  I was thinking of this fact this morning when I dropped Daniel off at the babysitters and he wouldn’t let me put him down.  He kept saying “I want to go home with you mommy”.  It is amazing how big he has grown and how much of a big boy he is becoming.  Check out the picture below of our family on that day 2 years ago and our family now.

Life definitely would not be the same without him. God truly does set the lonely in families. We didn’t realize just how much we were missing until we had him in our arms.  I can’t imagine not hearing that giggle or seeing that smile when he was being mischevious, getting those good night kisses and hugs over and over and over (even though it has now become a stalling tactic at bedtime).  I love watching the joy that Daniel brings to everyone he meets and who meets him.  But most of all I love that God chose Mark and I to be the lucky ones to get to call him our son.  Greatest gift we could ever receive.

See what Daniel has to say about this special Gotcha Day and just what that means for him (I love the excitement).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

So I am a few weeks behind on events.  No surprise with my now 3 year old running around.  Did you catch that, yes I said 3!  I know it is so hard to believe Daniel is 3 years old now.  He is getting so big so fast.  Everyday it seems I am putting more clothes away that are to tight, to short or all around to small.  He is so smart and funny and is turning into an amazing young boy (notice I did not say man, we are not rushing that one).  He is no longer mommy’s baby, but insists he is a big boy.  He is very opionated and knows what he wants and is not afraid to make it known either.  I am so proud at the big boy he is becoming.  Some of his personality traits that have become very apparent this past year: He is a charmer, a flirt and loves to make people laugh.  He will put a show on for you like nothing you have ever seen.  He still gets shy and holds on to our legs when he doesn’t know someone.  He is so smart and picks up on things very fast (sometimes way to fast for my liking).  He is such a joy and brings smiles and warmth to everyone he comes in contact with.

For his birthday (March 9th was his birthday, told you I am way behind) he got to have an Alvin and the Chipmunks party.  The cake was amazing (thank you Audra and Mikaela once again) with a stage, all the chipmunks and instruments.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find Chipmunk’s themed party supplies but it definitly was.  There is nothing out there.  Daniel’s favorite part I think was playing with all his little friends.   While we were singing him Happy Birthday he sat there and rolled his eyes, he is so dramatic! You can see video of it below (thank you Ryan for all the pictures and video). 

It was such a sweet day. 

On Daniel’s actual birthday he got to pick what we had for dinner and if we stayed home or went out to eat.  He wanted to stay home (he is really turning into quite a homebody) and wanted us to bring dinner home.  So we asked him what he wanted to eat, for those of you that know Daniel you might have been able to guess his answer – Chicken wings, the kid loves ranch chicken wings.  So I picked up Quaker Steak and Lube on my way home.  Before dinner  Mark asked him if he wanted to pray, here was Daniels prayer “Dear God, thank you for my birthday and thank you for my family. Amen”  Melt my heart!  He is such a sweet boy.  That brought tears to my eyes and made this mommy heart full! 

I thank God everyday for this gift of this sweet boy.  For those big brown eyes and little chocolate fingers. For the gift of getting to be Daniels parents.  Everyone says how lucky Daniel is to have found his forever family.  I say how blessed and lucky I am that I get to be his mom.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.  On his birthday I take a moment to stop and remember the woman who had to make the decision to give her son up for adoption. A decision that had to be in my mind the hardest decision of her life. A decision that not only changed her world forever but changed ours.  Because of this decision we get the joy of waking up to this sweet face, the sweet giggles, the sweet hugs and kisses and the sweet dance moves (oh the dancing makes me laugh just thinking about it) every day.  A decision that I will be forever grateful for, as she gave us the best gift of all. The gift to get to be Daniel’s parents.  The gift to hear him say the words “I love you with all my heart”, the gift to hear him call us mommy and daddy.   God sets the lonely in families and when you answer that call he gives you the best gift of all.  He knew Daniel would be our son and he knew he was the perfect one for us to all our own.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Melt My Heart

Valentines Day is here again.  I think I have the best 2 Valentines a woman could ask for and I got the best Valentines present a mommy could get last night.  While I was at dinner last night with a dear friend, Mark and Daniel went to get me a Valentines Day present.  Apparently Daniel saw this book and freaked out (we didn't even know he liked Max and Ruby).  So when I got home Daniel brought me the book and said "Happy Valentines Day Mommy", the book is Max's Easter Surprise.  I love the gifts kids pick out. That is not the best part.  The best part of that Valentines Day gift came at bedtime.

We read stories every night and sing songs before bed.  So I grabbed the book and said I would read it to Daniel.  To which he replied, "No Mommy I read to you".  I thought ok, this won't last long.  He then started to read the book, telling me the story he saw through the pictures, "Max and Ruby play with puppy", "Max's belly hungry so he eat", etc. through each page of the book.

For those of you who don't know Daniel is only 2 and extremely animated and full of laughter and joy.  He was so proud of himself and proud that he read that book.  When he was done I told him I would read it to him and he said "No mommy I done now".

I love love love that little boy.  That little chocolate face with the big brown eyes and bright infectious smile.  He melts my heart.  I love each and every one of these mommy moments.  I am so in love with that little boy, God knew what he was doing when he created that child.  He grew in my heart and I knew I loved him before I even saw his face.  God sets the lonely in families and I am so glad we listened to his call.  For when you listen when he is knocking on the door to your heart, that is when you get the "Max and Ruby" moments with a special little boy.
So thankful and blessed that I get to be Daniel's mom!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The blur that was Christmas

Christmas has come and gone again and I am not even sure where it went.  I know it was here due to the disarray my house is in!  Daniel was so fun this Christmas, since he is talking quite a bit more and very opinionated.  After every picture we tried to take he would boldly proclaim "We're done now" and walk away. Trying to get a good Christmas picture was a challenge.  He loves to dance and jump, too bad the camera doesn't love when he dances and jumps.

We tried to explain to Daniel that Christmas was Jesus birthday.  Try explaining that to a 2 year old that finally just got what a Birthday means, cake and presents.  He cried and in the middle of sobbing he would say "no my birthday".  Finally he understood a little but I still don't think he liked it.  The next thing that was so hard to explain was not every present was for him.  One night after supper we told him we were going to go Christmas shopping to buy presents, to which he responded "buy a present for me", again a melt down when we explained no.  When we got to the store we told Daniel he had to pick out toys for other little boys that maybe weren't going to get presents otherwise.  And que another meltdown!  Finally he calmed down and I think he really understood.  He went down the car aisle (for anyone that knows Daniel this was probably killing him to go down this aisle and not get anything for himself he loves cars) and picked out some monster trucks and hot wheels.  After that every time we went to the store he wanted to get presents for "boys that didn't have presents".  Christmas with a 2 year old is fun!

Christmas eve Daniel set out cookies for Santa, like 10 cookies and 5 carrots.  When we set them on the toy box, Daniel climbed up and grabbed a cookie and helped himself to Santa's snack.

In the morning that was the first thing he looked for.  He wasn't so happy that Santa ate his cookies.  For Christmas all Daniel asked for was cookies.  He was so fun.  Here is a video of him opening one of his presents:

Christmas morning before we left the house we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, I believe this will be one of my favorite Christmas Traditions. Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I pray everyday that next year we at least have a picture of our baby boy, that will be the best Christmas present ever.  Until then we will enjoy everyday as a family of 3 and thank God for the precious gift of his son on that winter's morning.