Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday in Ethopia

So this morning we got to sleep in! I was excited even though sleeping in was like 7:00. I did find out if you do not get up before 6:30 to take a shower you might as well plan on not taking one or taking a freezing cold one. I opted to not take one this morning. We went to Kids Care orphanage to see it, take donations and play with the kids. This is where Daniel came from. The nannies and some of the staff remembered him. The kids there were so excited to see us. they all got suckers and sidewalk chalk, hackisacks and some played with bubbles and jump ropes. It was fun to play with them. They are all so cute and very smart. I met this one girl who I played ball with for a long time, she is there with her brother and she had to be about 7 years old. she was showing me how she can write her name in english and all the pictures she could draw and then write the word for what she was drawing underneath. I so wish I could have just brought her home with me, her brother too. After the orphanage we went to lunch (I am really appreciating the high chair right now since they do not use them over here). Always an interesting time with Daniel. He really opened up today and is starting to show more of his personality. He is testing the limits already. He likes to throw his toys across the room and watch me while he does it to see what I am going to say. He no longer likes to sit still in the car either since here you just hold hte child on your lap they don't use car seats (really appreciating that one too). But he is still as sweet as ever and I am so glad he is getting so comfortable with us. He has a horrible cough, so glad we have a doctor appointment on Thursday! After we came back for a nap we went to see Mt Entoto. This was interesting since you literally drive up to the top of this mountain. On the way up you can see the house made of sticks and mud, lots of people wandering around and the ladies that are carrying huge loads of wood on their backs down the mountain to sell. Mark got some pictures. When you get to the top of the mountain you can see all of Addis Ababa. It is really a beautiful sight. It would have been even better if it wasn't raining. We took a tour of the museum and saw the first church of Addis. It was so sad to see all these kids waiting to come up to our window to beg for money. Mark gave a couple granola bars to eat. It breaks my heart that these children go through this. After the mountain we came back and Daniel and I went to dinner. Mark wanted to lay down, he was not feeling good. Probably all the exersion playing with the kids and lack of water! Tomorrow we will go on the coffee tour in the morning and then we will come back and pack up. Daniels visa should be here by 3:30 and we will be on our way to the airport around 6. While I am sad to leave this beautiful country I am so ready to come home where things like the hot water, electricity (it goes out every night between 6-10) and internet are available all the time. I also really want some chips and salsa without fear of getting sick! This will be the last post from Ethiopia. Tomorrow we are on our way home!

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