Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Update

We received our December update today with 3 pictures. He is getting so big! Here is what we know:

* 19 pounds
* 27 inches long
* He has 2 teeth and is babbling more
* He smiles a lot!
* Likes to take a bath and play in the water
* Food he likes best is Pastini (a type of pasta prepared for babies) (we will get along great!)

I also talked to the agency today and there is some good news, our case is able to start moving again. There are still some pieces up in the air that need worked out and a rep from the agency is going to that region in the next couple of weeks to see if they can get more answers and things moving. Please pray for nothing but good news to start the new year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Postponed Again

Well Mark got the call today, we didn't pass. No one passed today due to an office taking a training day, so no recommendation letters were written. This is getting extremely frustrating. Why does it seem like we are never going to be able to bring our baby home? We are so ready and willing, so what is the problem?!? I know patience is a virtue and we have to trust in God, which we do. But today I am frustrated and am ready to stomp my feet and scream! Good news is, hopefully, the agency will follow up with us next week not sure on what but we are praying it will be only good news and that the hold is over and our paperwork is moving through again. Please pray that we only get good news because I don't know how much more bad news I can handle at this point.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well Friday is our next court date. We still have not heard any good news on the investigation moving along or our paperwork moving through. At this point it looks like we will just be given another court date and wait longer. With Christmas coming the waiting is getting harder. Although we trust in God and have faith that he will bring our baby home in his timing, the selfish side of me is screaming for him to come home now! I feel like a 2 year old who is on the verge of throwing a major temper tantrum! Do you think God minds?!?!?

I didn't think I would be posting this song again this Christmas, but here it is and this year it means so much more since we have a name and a face that we are fighting for!

Merry Christmas Daniel! May God hold you in his arms as we tell you from our hearts, we wish you Merry Christmas!