Monday, May 17, 2010

Headed Home

Friday night we started to head home about 6:00 Ethiopia time. We got all our stuff into 4 bags so no baggage fees yeah! The airport wasn't to bad to get into. We checked all our stuff in and then had to wait for a couple of hours. Daniel did not like this waiting. He wanted to run and play and we would not let him. About 1/2 hour before we were suppose to board a man came to see our tickets. He then proceeded to tell us one of us had to come with him because there was something in our suitcases they needed to look at. Great! Mark went with them meanwhile Daniel fell asleep and all I could think about was great how am I going to get our bags and him on the plane if Mark isn't back. He was so fussy! Mark had to go with this guy basically behind the scenes to where our baggage was waiting to get on the plane. Turns out there was our converter, my curling iron and the drum Mark bought that looked odd on the screen when xrayed. Mark made it back before we boarded. We ended up getting the bassinet seat on the plane which was nice for the 4 hours that Daniel slept of the whole 26 hour travel time! He did not want to sleep on the plane so when all was said and done Mark and I ended up being awake for about 48 hours total. On the plane Daniel taught himself how to scream. Loud ear peircing screaming and not upset or mad screaming it was I am having fun playing screaming! Crazy! He would scream and then laugh. I am sure everyone on the plane loved us! Our plane ended up leaving Addis late and then when we stopped to refuel in Rome we left there late. So when we got to DC instead of a 4 hour layover we had about u45 minutes. Just enough time to get something to eat (not plane food) and then get on the plane. Daniel slept through the 40 minute flight from DC to Pittsburgh. It was so nice when we got to Pittsburgh we had a welcoming committee. My mom and dad, RJ, Chris and Little Ray, Marks mom and dad and my grandma and grandpa were all waiting to meet Daniel at the airport. The bad news, our luggage didn't make it on the plane in DC so we had no suitcases! I guess if they were going to get lost coming home would be the best time and not getting into Ethiopia! The car ride home was not to bad either. I figured he would scream the whole way home in his car seat but he didn't. It helped that we stopped at McDonalds and he got french fries! Mark and I wanted Iced tea so bad since we could finally drink the water! When we got home the house was filled with cards from the CRASH kids and volunteers and food everywhere. Marks brother Jon and Lucia and Isabella were here to visit us. It was overwhelming to see the love and support when we got home. All the food was wonderful and there were two great big signs out front welcoming us home. Daniel adjusted quickly. We put him down and he went from room to room playing with the toys and pretty much now runs the house! Here are some pictures from the plane and welcoming home:


Gina said...

So glad you are home safe and sound! Enjoy parenthood! It's quite an adventure, but one that you will LOVE!!

Dardi said...

Welcome Home! We met at the Yebsabi...pretty wild--fellow Ohioans over 8000 miles away! Hope you can get rested & settled into your new normal as a family of 3!

Blessings ~ Dardi