Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Packed and Ready to Go

We start our journey in 10 hours! I can't believe this day is here. We have been so blessed to have so much family and friends and even people we don't even know supporting us on this journey. We are finally on the last leg. We head to the airport tomorrow morning at 9:30. Our flight leaves at 2:00pm for Washington DC and at 8:30 we will board our plane to make that final leg to Ethiopia. 2 years plus we have been on this adoption rollercoaster. We will finally hold our baby boy in 6 days. In 11 days he will be home. I was talking to my cousin tonight and she said to me "the next time you walk in your house you will have a kid!". I haven't even stopped to think about it. We are about to receive God's most precious gift! A child, a child we have prepared for, a child we have wanted for so long and most of all a child we have prayed for. We knew when we started this journey that this was a complete and total God thing. He was in control, timing and all. And He is finally bringing the best gift we could possibly ask, wish or want for, our baby Daniel. What will that first meeting be like? Will he smile? What will he smell like? Will he wrap his little fingers in mine? Will he play with us or will he be scared? Will he like the food we brought for him? Will he sleep through the night? All questions only God knows the answer to. I can't wait to get the answers!

This week has been crazy, packing, shopping, cleaning and more shopping. I think Walmart knows me by name, I have been there every day. We have officially packed 5 bags and 1 tupperware tub. Not quite sure how we are going to get these through the line with just two of us but we will manage. 4 bags of donation items,2 carry on bags, 1 purse, 1 bag for Daniel and somehow Mark and I are sharing a bag. I think this is the first time ever that we have shared a bag to go somewhere other than over night! Here is a picture of our luggage pile minus the bag Mark and I are sharing:

I also want to thank everyone in advance who is helping make this less stressful for me (slightly OCD). From taking us to the airport, picking us up, mailing bills, taking care of emails from AWAA while we are in the air tomorrow, taking care of the dog, staying at our house, making sure there is food when we come home, etc. We love you guys and couldn't do all of this without you. I can't wait for you all to meet Daniel!

Love ya, the next post will be from Ethiopia! (as long as internet is cooperating)Hopefully!


sarah t said...

I'm so excited for you both! I've been following your blog since we took pictures of your precious little one in August for you. I remember the exact feelings you're having: nervousness, excitement, anticipation...it is an awesome journey. I can't wait to see pictures of your family united!

Hollands said...

Thrilled for you. Enjoy the incredible adventure, every moment. You'll never be the same. Now go get that precious boy!

Erica said...

What an exciting day you are about to embark upon! I can't wait to see pics of your new family! Praying diligently for a wonderful trip - it will change your life forever!