Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Court Date

We received a new court date today of November 20th!!!!!!!!! Please pray with us there are still a few things that have to happen before this date in order for us to pass. The paperwork is still moving through the city officials, please pray they move quickly and everything the judge wants to see is in the documents. We are so excited but still guarded as if these few things do not happen by the 20th our date will be rescheduled. God is good and God is in control! He can move mountains and make miracles happen!

Grandpa update - he is doing very well. He was in the hospital over the weekend with some fluid around his heart but went home Monday and says he feels like a new man! Praise God for no surgery!!!!

Today is a good day and I only have Him to praise for it! Praising God and praying for Daniel to be home around Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's a Reason for Everything

Today we were suppose to be on our way to Rome if we would have stayed with our original court date and passed. As I am typing this my grandpa is laying in the hospital waiting to hear if he is going to have to have a triple bypass or not. He went into the hospital Saturday with chest pains (also accompanied by pain in the jaw and arm). Last night he had two more episodes of the chest pains. I do not believe I would have been able to get on a plane and fly half way across the world knowing my grandpa, who I love dearly, would possibly be undergoing major heart surgery. So as I wait for the doctor to tell us what they are going to do, I have to praise God once again, not for the situation or us being delayed, but for knowing what was going to happen and that at this time the place I would need to be is with my family. This is the trust and faith I was talking about in previous posts, He is in control and though we may not see the reasoning and it may hurt and we definitely may not like it there is always a reason behind everything that happens, we just have to have faith. I am wondering that may be the reason I have had a peaceful feeling about being delayed because God knew there were things that were going to happen that I could not foresee. Thank you God and I praise you for your wonderful, grace and love! While Daniel is still in Ethiopia he is healthy and happy. My place right now is with my Grandpa until he is healthy and happy too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We received a call from Anna today at the America World. Daniel's profile is complete from the orphanage and we should have it all emailed to us sometime today. What happens next you may ask? Well as of today the paperwork was all at the office of MOWA in Nazareth Ethiopia, the area Daniel is from. They will have to do whatever they do to it and then it will continue up the chain of command. This is the part that can take awhile to complete. We are at the mercy of all the little courts in Ethiopia. Once this makes its way through all of these we will petition for a new court date for guardianship, this could be 2 weeks or it could be 6 months. Meanwhile they are still doing an investigation and trying to find his birth mother or another family member. This would move things along quicker if they can find someone. Honestly I didn't even expect to hear anything today, it has only been a week! God is in control and only God can move the mountains!!!! What can you pray for, please pray specifically for"

*All the different sections of MOWA to move quickly
*All the paperwork to be complete and to the satisfaction of the judges
*Something to be found on his birthmother or another family member
*Daniel's continued health and happiness until he can come home with his Forever Family!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Praise You In This Storm

I have finally had time to process the news that we are not sure when we will get to bring our little guy home. I really wrestled with God on this one with the questions of Why not us, Why do we have to wait, When will we start our family...all day on Thursday. We were so prepared to bring this baby home to join his family, but it is not his time to come home. Friday I was listening to my ipod and this song kept coming up over and over, "Praise You In This Storm" by Casting Crowns. I think God was telling me that I had my day to be angry, now it is time to pick myself up and even when things don't go our way (which I have a very hard time with) we still need to praise God for the wonderful things that he has done. Like we need to praise Him that our baby boy is healthy and happy, he is growing and gaining weight and not sick! We have not seen a picture of him where he looks sad or not taken care of. We need to praise Him that he is in a place where they love him and he does get attention and love from families coming for their children. We need to praise Him for the families that are willing to take care packages and love on him when we can't be there. We need to praise Him for the pictures we have received, we could have been sitting here for the last 4 months without any pictures. We need to praise Him for the updates we get monthly. We need to praise Him for the support and love from our families and friends. Even though we can't see the big picture, God knows his plan for our family and in His time it will come to light. Not our time. I think we get so stuck on trying to make things happen in our time that sometimes we miss out on the reasons why His time is much better. So for now I will continue to praise Him for the amazing things he does. I will take time to look around and see the beautiful pictures He has painted this fall, the trees and sunsets. I will take the time and not stress over things I can not control. I have complete and total Faith and Trust in Him because He is in Control and for me right now that is all I need to know!

Here is the video for the song I mentioned above.

Friday, October 9, 2009

September Update

We received our update today from AWAA for September on Daniel. Here is what we know:

*15 pounds (up 3 pounds from last month)
*Eating cereal
*Rolls over and can sit up with support
*Is happy and healthy
*Loves to smile

We also received a picture of him on his stomach looking up smiling. That smile just melts my heart and makes me smile. God has big plans for this little guy, though we don't know what they are yet or when he will get to come home it is in God's hands and he knows what he is doing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


We received a call from the agency today. There were some things the judge wanted investigated in the paperwork from the orphanage. Basically we are back to square one. The orphanage needs to redo the paperwork and complete the things the judge had concern over. We dont' know how long this could take, it is completely out of our control. We do know that as of this morning the orphanage director was on his way to the region where our son was from to start the process. The agency is pushing the orphanage to move quickly and will try for expedited court dates once we get to that part of the process. We know God is in control of this and we have faith and complete trust in Him. Please pray that the people involved in moving the paperwork will move quickly. This is the nature of adoption and we knew this coming in. We have fallen in love with this little boy God has choosen for us. Right now we are just heartbroken and sad as we had planned on travelling this month or next to bring our baby boy home. For reasons we can't understand right now that is not God's plan so we continue to wait paitently....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just when you need to hear it

It is funny the way God speaks to you where you least expect it. A friend posted on her Facebook page this You Tube video. Just listen to the words, exactly what I needed to hear. Having a hard time with the wait this time around.....

"He Sets the Lonely in Families..." Psalm 68:6

Friday, October 2, 2009

Court Delay

We received an email from AWAA today that the courts are delaying opening for another week. They will not open until Oct 12th. Which in turn means our court date will be rescheduled. Not the news we were hoping for today. Please pray with us that we get a date pretty quickly after they open and we can finally be united with our baby boy.