Friday, May 28, 2010

Some of my Firsts!

This week brought a bunch of first time things for Daniel. First time fun things! He took his first ride in a power wheels monster truck, driven by his cousin Ray. It was to cute. He loved it, he loves anything that moves and anything that has wheels.

it was also our first time swimming! We spend the entire day at Grandma's house in the pool. He loved the water and loves to splash! He doesn't even mind getting his face wet. We just have to watch because he has no fear at all and will just throw himself around in the water!

We are adjusting and doing well here. Daniel is on a pretty good sleep schedule, and yes he does sleep through the night! He only wakes up maybe one time, I go in and pick him up and he goes right back to sleep. I think it is more of an adjusting thing for him, like he is waking up to see if we are still here, once he knows we are he goes back to sleep for the rest of the night. He is also a great eater and some of his favorites are french fries, bananas, chicken tenders, pizza and gerber banana cookies. I love being his mom and it is the best gift we could ever ask for. It makes my morning when I walk in his room in the morning and he is standing there, as soon as he sees me he waves and says hi with that big smile of his. He has also learned to blow kisses so he does it all the time now. Even when we are trying to tell him no! He is absolutely amazing and I am so glad he is ours! Don't get me wrong we do have our bad moments where he cries and we have no idea what he wants but we are working through them and they are not very often. Would we do it again now that we are home? Absolutely in a heart beat!

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Annie said...

congratulations and welcome home!! daniel is such a cutie :) sounds like you are doing great! hope we get to meet at a NEOh Eth family function.