Sunday, May 23, 2010

1 Week Home

Yesterday officially marked our 1st week home with Daniel and we are loving every minute of it. While we do have some struggles (nap time is getting rough) he is a joy and the most precious gift we could receive. Daniel has adjusted well to the house and us. He loves Carmen our dog, or more like loves to pull her tail (and bite it) and poke her eyes and pinch her. We are working on being nice to the dog! The house has been taken over by a toddler. There are toys in every corner and in the middle of the floor. You have to remove a gate to get upstairs (Carmen is not a fan of this) and the drawers in the kitchen are latched shut. We wouldn't change it for anything. Some of his favorites so far seem to be Mark's shoe (house full of toys and he plays with a shoe), pastini, Imagination Movers on Disney and anything that makes noise! He has already picked up drum sticks and started playing on the floor, this makes daddy happy! He is a good eater, eats pretty much anything we give him except macaroni and cheese. He has sleeps all night, sometimes waking up just once. I think he might just be checking to see if we are still here, if I pick him up he goes right back to sleep. He is very attached to Mark and I already, if we leave the room he is looking for us. He says Hi and Bye and waves when people leave. He also started blowing kisses yesterday. I am so thankful for this gift of this precious baby boy. We are all doing well, it is an adjustment for Mark and I as we are first time parents. Our schedule is no longer our own and we usually have to wait until nap time to get anything done (if we are not napping too). We are still working on a schedule for Daniel. He has bed time down pretty good, 8:00 he is ready and you can tell by him rubbing his eyes. This first week has been a blessing. We have not had any major issues or outbursts yet. Mark was home most of the week so we will see this coming week how it goes because Mark is back to work! We have all ended up sick this week with colds and upper respiratory issues. Daniel made his first trip to the doctor. He did wonderful as long as he didn't have to sit to long. We do have to give him a breathing treatment for the cough and rattling in his chest. Have you ever tried to give a 14 month old a breathing treatment? Not fun at all! He does not like sitting that long. Finally the weather is getting nice so we can play outside. He loves to be outside! Oh and everything is a phone. We are not sure where that came from but everything goes up to his ear and he talks into it. When the phone rings immediately whatever is in his hand is up to his ear! It is the cutest thing ever, he has a huge personality! Here are some pictures from our first week home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I just looked at the pics of Daniel. He is so cute and he really looks happy. Children are a precious gift and looks like you got a very special precious gift. Enjoy every second you have with him. They grow up so fast. Well back to work. See you when you get back.

Cheryl M.