Monday, May 17, 2010

Coffee Tour

Friday was our last day in Ethiopia. Daniel once again showed us a new side to his personality. He is in to everything! Good thing is he loves the baby carrier as long as he is facing out and can see everything. Tonight we will begin our journey home but first we will go to the coffee factory. The coffee factory was pretty cool. There was just bags and bags of coffee beans in a warehouse. We actually saw them roasting our coffee. We brought a ton of it back with us. When they handed us our bag of coffee the individual bags of coffee were still hot. When we got back to the guest house for lunch T was waiting with the best gift ever. Our passport for Daniel and his paperwork to come into the USA. It was so wonderful to have that paperwork in hand. One step closer to having our baby boy home. After lunch Daniel took a long nap while we packed. Let me tell you it is so nice to be able talk normal and pack things moving things around and turning lights on and off with him sleeping in the same room. He is a great sleeper and still sleeping through the night! We are so blessed to have this baby boy in our arms. Here are some pictures of the coffee tour.

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