Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 3

Today is Sunday. Last night our suitemates arrived The Farris's. It is so nice to put a name with the families you read about on the yahoo group. Very nice new friends who are getting a baby boy. Yes we will have 2 boys in our suite very soon 6 months and 1 year. Should get really interesting. Today we got up early and had breakfast with our new friends the Farris's and the Shorts. After breakfast our friends the Sullivans (who I have been talking to online for a couple of months) arrived (crazy interesting journey to get here) and then we were off to a church service at St Matthew Anglican Church with the Farris's and Shorts. It was such a beautiful service. You don't realize how universal christianity is until you are in Africa reading from the same bible and singing the same praise and worship songs. We sang Shout to the Lord. People were there to listen to the message and praise God, not to complain about if the temperature was right, there was no air conditioning, if the piano was to loud, it wasn't you could barely hear it over the singing. Unlike many of our church's back home today where we worry about material on the surface things and not the real reason we go to church every Sunday. After church the whole congregation went out to the lawn and mingled and drank tea. We talked to people from Great Britian, Austrilia, Congo, Ethiopia and America. So many people from different countries together worshiping the same God the same Creator. After church we went to lunch with some missionaries who are living over here helping local hospitals distribute medications and help set up after school programs to help teach social skills. We had plans to go to Mt Entoto today but the rain moved in so we would not have been able to see anything. So we will hopefully get to go another day. Instead we hung out with the other families that arrived so far there are 5 of us here and I believe 1 more on the way. We all had dinner together and then went up on the roof of the Guest House and hung out for awhile. It is so nice to finally get to meet and talk with the other families we have been communicating with for so long. We have made some great new friends today. Tomorrow is the big day! We get to meet Daniel! Pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow. We can't believe it is finally here. We have a paperwork party in the morning, then we get to meet our son

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can't sleep, too excited for you!!!! post pics asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah God!!!!!!!!!