Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Update

We recieved new pictures and our March update yesterday. I can't believe how big he is getting! Here is what we know:

Weight: 23 pounds (2 more pounds since last month)
Height: 27 inches

* He takes 5-7 ounces of formula 7 times a day, along with veggies, fruit, cereal, pasta, rice and meat
* He stands and claps without support for a few seconds
* He can climb from his bed to the floor (SERIOUSLY?)
* He is active and playful
* When he is angry he throws a tantrum (he will throw himself on the floor and roll)
* He is outgoing and active
* He is happiest in the morning, he plays with the nannies and other children
* He is taking a few steps by himself
* He has 6 teeth
* H likes to play with kids of his age

Now for the pictures:

Praying for travel dates soon! I can't wait to hold him and see that precious face in person!

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