Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Loves Us

Now that the shock of not passing court a 2nd time due to power outages has worn off I have had time to think. When Mark called me I have to admit I was extremely instantly angry! Seriously power outages, we don't even think about electricity here. Do you think to yourself everytime you walk into a room is the light going to turn on, or do we have power? I know I don't. I just take for granted the fact that the light will turn on when I tell it too. As angry as this has made me feel earlier today I have had time to process. At one point the thought passed in my mind "God do you really love me? Because if you did this would be over by now!" Now don't get me wrong I know that God loves me with all my heart but in the heat of the moment for a split second the thought crossed my mind. Mark sent me this song today and it was perfect for what I was feeling. I had heard the song before but never really listened to the words. Once I listened to it I started to think of all the ways God has shown me in the last two days that He loves me! The biggest way is the gift of my husband! He is my rock and he has brought me closer to God. He is the love of my life and God knew that he would be perfect for me. We would be able to handle the 8 court dates together, if one of us is ready to break the other is there to pick us up. In the last 10 hours God has shown me His love through the numerous emails of encouragement and support from my friends, family and my Yahoo Group Friends. When I feel like I can't do this anymore for that split second and email would come through with a scripture verse or another form of encouragement. Or someone totally annonymous would post on the blog saying how they are praying for us and we are an inspiration to them. A junior high student from CRASH would email me or facebook me with excitement waiting to hear the words that we passed and when I email back that didn't happen I get an email with the words "I am praying and I love you". God loves me and there is no other love like that! I know I have said this 1000 times over, I am so glad that He is my friend and He is in my corner and when I can't stand He will carry me through. So I know in my heart my baby boy will be home soon God just wanted some more time with him to build our hearts up! I love him for that! The video below is the song Mark sent me

How He Love Us by: David Crowder


The Williams Family Blog said...

praying for you guys, thanks for posting the song! love it!

Melodie Monberg said...

I love that song...such a reminder. Have been and will be praying for your family tonight!