Saturday, March 20, 2010

February Update

I just realized in all the craziness of court we forgot to put up his February update, now we can add pictures too!

Weight: 21 pounds
Height: 26.8 inches

Here is what we know:
* He is eating well
* He understands and obeys simple commands like come here, take this, sleep...
* He can stand with little support
* He likes to play with toy cars and trucks
* He likes to be held (not a problem!)
* He is babbling
* He is mostly in 12 month clothes
* One question we asked was does he share well with other kids and the answer was:
He hits them if they take his toys! (I love it, he is strong willed)

Here are the pictures we got with this update:


Josh, Candace & Cole said...

Congratulations! Daniel is absolutely happy for you guys after all of this waiting.

heather Koby said...

He is so handsome! We are praying for you guys! You have been strong in the Lord. He will bless you for it!