Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

He is Risen! Jesus died on that cross for me, 3 days later he rose from the dead so that we may have hope! Hope in an eternal life with him in Heaven! For thaT I am so grateful. We have hope for a future! Yesterday was a great day celebrating with our family and friends. I can't wait for next year when Daniel will be there to celebrate with us. Here are a few pictures from our Easter weekend:

This is our niece Isabella helping me color easter eggs:

This is our nephew Ray, his suit matched my brothers. It was too cute!

These girls are my cousins Kimberly and Christina:

I can't wait for next year to add my little Ethiopian prince in the pictures. These kids can't wait to have him here either! Praying this week is our week to hear something about travel and to receive his Ethiopian birth certificate. We will then know his birthday (pretty sure it was last week but not positive)! Our little man could already be 1! I need to get packing so we are ready!

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