Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Court Date

We received a new court date today of November 20th!!!!!!!!! Please pray with us there are still a few things that have to happen before this date in order for us to pass. The paperwork is still moving through the city officials, please pray they move quickly and everything the judge wants to see is in the documents. We are so excited but still guarded as if these few things do not happen by the 20th our date will be rescheduled. God is good and God is in control! He can move mountains and make miracles happen!

Grandpa update - he is doing very well. He was in the hospital over the weekend with some fluid around his heart but went home Monday and says he feels like a new man! Praise God for no surgery!!!!

Today is a good day and I only have Him to praise for it! Praising God and praying for Daniel to be home around Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heather said...

We are praying and praising with you!!!!