Thursday, October 8, 2009


We received a call from the agency today. There were some things the judge wanted investigated in the paperwork from the orphanage. Basically we are back to square one. The orphanage needs to redo the paperwork and complete the things the judge had concern over. We dont' know how long this could take, it is completely out of our control. We do know that as of this morning the orphanage director was on his way to the region where our son was from to start the process. The agency is pushing the orphanage to move quickly and will try for expedited court dates once we get to that part of the process. We know God is in control of this and we have faith and complete trust in Him. Please pray that the people involved in moving the paperwork will move quickly. This is the nature of adoption and we knew this coming in. We have fallen in love with this little boy God has choosen for us. Right now we are just heartbroken and sad as we had planned on travelling this month or next to bring our baby boy home. For reasons we can't understand right now that is not God's plan so we continue to wait paitently....

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Crazy Roots in Africa said...

Praying like Crazy for God to complete this quickly!
Gina Root AWAA YG