Monday, October 12, 2009

Praise You In This Storm

I have finally had time to process the news that we are not sure when we will get to bring our little guy home. I really wrestled with God on this one with the questions of Why not us, Why do we have to wait, When will we start our family...all day on Thursday. We were so prepared to bring this baby home to join his family, but it is not his time to come home. Friday I was listening to my ipod and this song kept coming up over and over, "Praise You In This Storm" by Casting Crowns. I think God was telling me that I had my day to be angry, now it is time to pick myself up and even when things don't go our way (which I have a very hard time with) we still need to praise God for the wonderful things that he has done. Like we need to praise Him that our baby boy is healthy and happy, he is growing and gaining weight and not sick! We have not seen a picture of him where he looks sad or not taken care of. We need to praise Him that he is in a place where they love him and he does get attention and love from families coming for their children. We need to praise Him for the families that are willing to take care packages and love on him when we can't be there. We need to praise Him for the pictures we have received, we could have been sitting here for the last 4 months without any pictures. We need to praise Him for the updates we get monthly. We need to praise Him for the support and love from our families and friends. Even though we can't see the big picture, God knows his plan for our family and in His time it will come to light. Not our time. I think we get so stuck on trying to make things happen in our time that sometimes we miss out on the reasons why His time is much better. So for now I will continue to praise Him for the amazing things he does. I will take time to look around and see the beautiful pictures He has painted this fall, the trees and sunsets. I will take the time and not stress over things I can not control. I have complete and total Faith and Trust in Him because He is in Control and for me right now that is all I need to know!

Here is the video for the song I mentioned above.

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