Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Court News

I talked to our agency today about when we could expect a court date. We still have not received the profile for Daniel from the orphange. Our coordinator said she talked to the orphanage director today and our profile was in the last stages within the government before it comes to the agency here in the US. What this means for a court date is we will wait. They can not open a case until that paperwork is completed, they are optimistic that a case will be able to be opened next week. Court dates currently being assigned are mid to end of July. So that is most likely when our court date will be but you never know. A concern of ours is that we get through court before closures, closures are rumored to happen around August 7th though that has not been confirmed. We will be close. I know God can move mountains and make miracles happen. I pray that he is watching over our little boy and will help us to pass court before they close so we do not have to wait until October to pick him up. That would be a very long two months.

Meanwhile there is a family there taking pictures and loving on our little boy The Kerby's and there is another family leaving this week that is going to take more pictures and give our little boy more love. It is reassuring to know we will still see more pictures of him and people are loving him before we can get there to hold him. Praying for a fast resolution and court date so we can finally pick Daniel up!

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