Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby Stuff

Well today we signed our offical referral acceptance letter and mailed it off to America World. We knew from the minute we say this precious baby boy that we were accepting his referral but I had to go out of town Friday and Thursday the day we got the referral was filled with way to excitement and busyness so we did it today it is at UPS waiting to be picked up first thing on Monday morning. Yeah!!!!!! On our way to a court date. Oh did I mention that while I was gone yesterday Mark bought a car. This week has been crazy with excitement and change. Here is how it has gone so far:

Monday - Mark started back to work. YEAH!!!!!
Thursday - Referral call (One of the top moments of my life so far)
Friday - Mark bought a car (Jeep Cherokee - that we so badly need so we are not trying to get an infant in and out of the backseat of a Cavalier or Sunfire, that both are only 2 doors)

Saturday - Register for baby shower

Yes, tonight we tackled the task of registering for our baby's stuff. It was fun picking out all the stuff that our baby will use. The whole time we were walking around babies r us saying "We have no clue what we are doing". Really not sure I registered for enough bottles and I know there is a lot of stuff we completely left off. Any mom's reading out there that can offer suggestions, please do!!!!! Grandma went with us while we registered, she was so funny. When we got in the car to leave she was like, why didn't we just buy it all now. She cracks me up!!!!!

Oh well it is about midnight and i haven't really slept since the call Thursday. One hundred and one things to do and I am running out of time to do them. It will all get done, it always does.