Thursday, July 9, 2009

Waiting Does Not Get Easier!

So we are still waiting on a court date. Waiting does not get easier, I think it may even be harder when you have a picture to look at and a face. I can't wait for all of you to meet Daniel, his eyes are mesmorizing, big and brown. The Kerby family sent us pictures yesterday they took of him last week. He looks like he has gained some weight and is very happy. We are not sure when we will get a court date, MOW@ has shut down from July 8th to July 24th for mandatory training from the government. Since you can't pass a court case without the letter of recommendation from MOW@, there will most likely not be any new court dates scheduled until July 27th and after. We are still not sure if the courts are going to shut down or not. If they are and we do not get a court date before Aug 7th we most likely will be waiting until October to travel.

Meanwhile we continue to wait and plan for Daniels arrival. Wonderful families are taking pictures and emailing them when they go to pick up their child and it helps to see those new pictures of him smiling and seeing that he is very well taken care of. When it is our turn we will be ready! Until then we wait.

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Jeremy and Sheila said...

Hey Lisa!! I know this wait stuff just sinks, hang in there!! Are you going to be able to come to the cookout this Saturday (for the Google group)? I hope you can!! Bring pictures if you do come and if you need directions let me know!!