Monday, June 23, 2008

Children's Services Letters Received

Monday June 23, 2008

Our child abuse clearance letters came over the weekend. We officially have all our documentation for our home study completed on our end. We are waiting to hear if my fingerprint results have come back yet. Mark's came back the week after we had them done but we were still waiting on mine.

We received an email update from the agency, they have formed another partnership with an orphanage in Ethiopia. They now have connections with 3 orphanages. This is good news. On the flip side they also stated in their email that once you have accepted a referral your invitation to travel is most likely going to take approximately 8 - 12 weeks after referral acceptance. At this time the court process will take place. We need to get through this home study first and wait for our immigration paperwork to come back before we submit to Ethiopia. Hopefully that won't take to long, we keep praying for things to move quickly.

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