Friday, June 6, 2008

Fingerprinting Done

Friday June 6, 2008

We went yesterday for our State Background check and Fingerprinting. It took longer to drive there than it did to actually complete the process. Now we wait for those results to come back and on to the next thing.

We also sent in the majority of the paperwork we had to send in for the next homestudy visit to be scheduled. The social worker sounded a little surprised that we had so much done. It is not hard paperwork, it is more gathering information and making copies. The hard stuff is the autobiographies, it shouldn't be hard to write about yourself but for some reason it is. Our goal is to have that done this weekend. We are also waiting for a call back from the fire department to come and do a fire inspection of the house.

Still no names yet. We just can't find a name that we both really like. When we think we have one then another name comes up and we are back to square one. Good thing we have a little time for that.

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