Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Homes Study Visits 2 & 3

Tuesday July 1, 2008

Yesterday we had our 2nd home study visit. Our social worker came to our home and we talked about our childhood, education, marriage values, etc. for about an hour and a half. She did a safety inspection of our home and our visit was over. It was nice to sit and talk about how we plan to incorporate our child's culture into his life after adopting and returning home. It was something we had thought about but never sat down and talked about.

Today we had our 3rd home study visit. The social worker came and met with us individually for our interviews. It only took about an hour for each of us and was basically each of us having a conversation.

We both have applied for our passports, they said it would be about 3-5 weeks. I also mailed in our USCIS (immigration) paperwork today so we can get our FBI fingerprinting scheduled and all we will be waiting on is a completed homestudy to get our approval from immigration.

On another note, we started moving rooms around at the house to start getting ready for the baby. I know it is a ways away yet until we bring him home but we want to have everything ready to go when we get the call. We picked out the furniture for the room, the crib and dresser. So once we get the rooms switched around we will paint and finish the closet and then order the furniture. I can't wait!!

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