Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Home Study Orientation

Wednesday June 4, 2008

Well we traveled to Upper Sandusky for our Home Study orientation yesterday. Another packet of information and more paperwork. We already started on the paperwork and gathering copies of information as soon as we got home. We have a reading list of 5 books we have to read. We got two of them from the Library but are most likely going to just buy them to have them. Our next home study visit will be scheduled when they have approximately 90% of the paperwork. I think I have 75% in the envelope ready to mail back already. So we are doing good - on a mission to bring that baby home.

We have scheduled our State background check and fingerprinting for June 5th and our physicals for June 10th. More paperwork out of they way. The good thing is a lot of the paperwork we have to do for the homestudy is the same for the Dossier so we can kill two birds with one stone.

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