Friday, April 16, 2010

Waiting Some More

Sometimes I feel as if this whole adoption process is a test to see how well you can wait! Every stage in the process seems to have a whole lot of waiting. We are currently in the waiting by the phone for travel information stage. It has been 4 weeks today since we passed court. We have no idea when we will get that call for travel and we have no idea how much lead time we will have before we have to get on a plane. I just keep praying for strength and paitence from God, he knows when we will go I just wish he would share! To me it seems to be the most stressful stage (for an OCD personality like mine), you can't plan anything because you don't know if you will be here. You can't pack because what if it is another 2 months and he grows another 5 pounds (seems to be the trend with him). I haven't really thougth about it or stressed about it to much until this week for some reason, maybe it is a sign that it is coming. For now we are just taking one day at a time, we may be here tomorrow we may be planning to leave! Whatever the timing I know it will be perfect. So many people have commented on how precious our baby boy is and they got to see him and play with him. I can't wait until we can post that information, how cute he is, what he smells like, how soft his skin is, what his laugh sounds like, how wobbly he is while he is walking (pretty sure he is doing that by now), what it feels like when he hugs you, what it feels like when he smiles at you, how exhausted we are when we aren't sleeping, what his favorite foods are, etc. There are quite a few families that are in the same waiting stage we are right now. I am thankful for the support of those families who really truly know what it is like to do nothing but wait, completely out of your control timelines and to keep hearing we don't know anything yet, we will be in touch soon. Makes me want to scream some days! But for now we will continue to just wait, paitently, dreaming of that day we get to hold his sweet hand.

Please pray for the other families also waiting in line with us. Please pray that the embassy investigations move quickly, all paperwork is in order, passports are complete and that we all get the call soon. I would so love to travel with this group of friends I have made doing nothing but waiting!

Good things come to those who wait! Waiting paitently on God is the key!

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Karen & Brad Hernke said...

I just came across your blog and want you to know I SOOOOO know the waiting feeling and it stinks to say the least!! We are adopting 2 kids from Ethiopia and about a month ago we were number nine and now things have changed and we continue to wait:( My blog is I think we need each other to vent too..LOL.

Adopting 2 kiddos from ET