Monday, February 15, 2010

Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is the night! While we sleep an Ethiopian judge will hear our adoption case for Daniel. Please pray with us that he says "you pass" and we can officially introduce Daniel as a Heddleson. I can't believe the nervousness I am feeling this morning knowing that tomorrow our whole world could change with one phone call. I know this is coming eventually but it seems surreal now that it is here. Our 4th court date and the paperwork is completed and is actually going before the judge. I don't think I am going to get much sleep tonight. I have a feeling tonight will be a sleepless night. We spent the weekend preparing for him to come home again, washing clothes, putting them away, putting the ones that won't fit anymore in a bin and arranging things that have just been thrown in his room. I can't wait to look in that crib and see that precious baby sleeping. If I am this nervous today what is tomorrow going to be like until we get the call?

My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation comes from Him.
- Psalm 62:5

Tonight is the night!!!!!!!!! Please God let tonight be the night.


jamullins said...

I can answer that...tomorrow you may be throwing up! :) I will be praying. I was so stressed about it but the night before we were to find out, a perfect peace came over me. I knew it was in God's hands and He already knew the answer. Just keep trusting that! I will be praying for you tonight!

Dardi said...

I just saw your email to the Ethiohio group & wanted to let you know that I am praying! I am currently waiting for a court date to be assigned, but it's not been long (we pursued the adoption of a waiting child).

I pray God's favor over you & this court hearing & your precious little boy.

Blessings ~ Dardi

Paul and Sydney said...

We will also pray that tonight is the night. I know you have had such a long wait. Praying that it is coming to an end soon.
Sydney (AWAA Family)

Annie said...

Lisa, praying for a successful court...I can't imagine the longing in your heart to bring your little one home.

(NE OH ETH group)

Hollands said...