Monday, May 4, 2015

RFE- Request for Evidence

I got the email for the Request for Evidence, which we were hoping not to get.  Good news, while I was driving Daniel to his dentist appointment I got a call from Lauren at our agency.  They had requested 3 pieces of information, 2 of them were a misunderstanding the agent read the paper wrong and the third was just a request for a more legibile translation.  We should have everything requested by the end of the week!  And the agent processing our request has been kind enough to allow Lauren to email the updated translation.  This usually doesn't happen, usually you have to mail in the paperwork. This will save us 2 weeks of processing time in the mail.  Praise God.  Thank you for praying, keep praying the orphanage gets the translation quickly. One more step closer to Matthew.

Also, we have decided that we will be taking Daniel back with us to Ethipoia.  We will meet Matthew as a complete family.  While this is exciting there are a few things that have to happen.  The biggest is Daniels passport arriving.  We have turned in the application today.  Please pray they process it quickly.  We will hopefully be travelling in July so there should be plenty of time to receive the passport.

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