Friday, September 3, 2010

Not a baby anymore

Tonight I realized that my baby (who I have only had for 4 months) is no longer a baby. He is turning into quite the independent toddler. He wants to do things for himself now and wants little help from mommy or daddy. Tonight at dinner since daddy wasn't going to be home Daniel got a special treat, a happy meal from McDonald's. He loves the chicken nuggets there. When we got home, he did not want to sit in the high chair. This has been slowly coming on since he can now pull himself up onto one of our kitchen chairs and sit down at the table. He is so proud of himself when he does this. So I got out the booster seat and strapped it on the chair. He didn't like the fact that I also buckled him into the booster seat since he is quite the wiggle worm, especially when he is done eating! Then I put the chicken nuggets and his favorite, Hot Mustard dip in front of him. I grabbed a chicken nugget to dip a little for him and he screamed and took it from my hand. That was all it took, he dipped his own nuggets, quite well I might add, and ate his dinner all by himself. I know it is good that he is thriving so well and wanting to be independent but can't he need mommy's help just a little bit for just a little bit longer? As sad as I was that he didn't need my help, I loved watching him take this step to being a big boy. As an adoptive mother, I love watching how well he is doing with adjusting and learning new things. I am so grateful and thankful that he is comfortable and knows that we are his Forever Family so he is able to continue to mold into my very special toddler (I will still miss him being my baby). Plus my very best friend Laura told me, "He still needs you, he needs you to clean him up after". This is so true since there was mustard completely across his face! Here is my very big boy, sitting all by himself eating:

This picture makes me smile. I still thank God everyday that I get to be Daniels mom. I think I will for the rest of his life!

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