Monday, July 19, 2010

Words can not explain

We have been home with Daniel for 2 months now. He is the joy of our lives and I can't imagine life without him. Having said that I can't even fathom what would have happened to him or where he would be today if he was not taken to the orphanage. My head is spinning and my heart is hurting this morning. I read this article on another mom's blog that is in Ethiopia. She visted the town of Korah, which we did not know about while we were there (and I really now wish we did). This town is on the outskirts of Addis (where we were) in and around the city dump. Yes I said IN. Reading her story of her trip there I was speechless. You see these people are the people that no one visits, that everyone has forgotten. They live in the dump, where your trash goes! An amazing woman and her family moved there to set up a ministry to help the children and families. She sold everything she had and moved to help these people that no one wants to help. THere are children living there amoungst the trash and filth. We don't even like to pick up other peoples trash we see laying around while we are shopping or walking, can you imagine living in it? While I was reading her story all I could think about was, could this be what life would have been like for Daniel? Can I bring all these children home with me? How do we help and most of all God where are you that these children are living in the city dump? Now I know that God has not left them and that he is there and there are things that just happen and we will never know why but still Why the children? I hear stories like this and then I look around at all the toys that Daniel has and think why? I listen when I am walking through the stores and hear kids complaining because they can't have this video game or that toy and think there is a child across the ocean playing with a stick and a rock and is perfectly happy! Do we need all this stuff we have here? Not at all. Do our kids need every new toy and gadget out there? Not at all. I am just in awe at the things we continue to complain about and do when there is a family living with nothing not that far away. They are happy, and willing to give everything they have to you if you would ask. We won't even open our doors have the time! Anyway that is enough rambling for a day. There is someway we can start to help and make a difference. Only God knows how and when so I will continue to trust and listen to Him. Together we will make a difference somehow.

Here is the story I have been talking about. I highly recommend you read this all the way through.

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