Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Fun

This so far has been by far one of the best summers ever! I think that has to do mostly with the fact that Daniel is here for summer. We have had so much fun with him. I haven't been blogging to much because there just is no time with an extremely active toddler. He is into everything and very rarely sits still. It is a job in itself to get him to sit still to change his diaper or eat. He just loves to move and run and get into things. This will be Daniels first 4th of July and I am excited to see how he does. We have a pretty busy schedule for the weekend. Saturday we have a pig roast that we are throwing with Jason and Ashlee and then on Sunday I think we are going to swim all day (Daniels favorite summer activity). Daniel loves the water so I am pretty sure he won't mind. I love being a mom and being home with him. Today we went to pick up stuff for the pig roast with Ashlee and her little girl Cameron. After we thought we would have lunch in the park and play for awhile. It was a perfect idea for a perfect day. Daniel at first wasn't to sure of the slide but the second time down he loved it and I think his favorite thing to do is to swing. We were in the swings most of the time there. It was a perfect day with friends. Here are some pictures of our lunch date in the park:

I am still in shock that he is here and I am able to take him to the park, God does amazing things when you trust in his plan. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next! Daniel has done so well in adjusting and attaching I couldn't have asked for a better transition and we know it was all 100% totally a God thing!

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