Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Information

We received our monthly update on Daniel today. He has gained 2.5 pounds in one month! He is getting bigger everyday. The update said that he is happy and loves to smile. The only time he cries is when he is hungry. He is now rolling over and can hold his head up when he is on his stomach. He is also making cooing noises. We are so desperatly praying for a court date soon!!!!! We also got 3 more pictures of him and a very good one of his face smiling (I think it is my favorite so far). One day soon we will be holding him, one day! But until then we will continue to praise God for the healthy, happy, smiling baby that has been the best gift we could have ever been given!!! We love him so much already, I can't imagine what is going to happen when we get to hold him for the first time. Stay tuned, the time is coming I can feel it.....

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