Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Traditioinal Dinner and Dancing

Tonight we went to Habasha 2000 - a traditional Ethiopian Restaurant with music and dancing.  When we adopted Daniel it was one of my favorite moments.  The food is so good and the music and dancing is so fun.  It is a night of community with the other families in the group.  I couldn't tell you all the names of the food from the picture.  Some of it is spicy and some mild.  The beef was excellend as was the doro wat.  The food is put in the middle of everyone and you use the Injera to scoop up the other items, no silverware.

Here is what Daniel thought of the experience:
"I liked the food but it was hot and spicy. I liked the injera. I liked the music especially the person playing the drums and the flute. I liked when daddy danced."

Mark finally got to try the raw meat. Even though it is raw it is very seasoned. He said it was really good, he had to get up and move because he would have eaten more than he should have!  

The music and dancing is so beautiful.  Each dance tells a story and means a different thing.  At one point they go out and pick people out of the crowd to dance with them.  Mark was one of the lucky ones in our group, they tried to get Daniel to dance but he would not (it was way past bedtime and he was done). Here is the video of Mark dancing:


Tonight was a great way to celebrate Matthew being part of our family forever! Here are some more pictures of the evening:

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