Monday, January 9, 2012

The blur that was Christmas

Christmas has come and gone again and I am not even sure where it went.  I know it was here due to the disarray my house is in!  Daniel was so fun this Christmas, since he is talking quite a bit more and very opinionated.  After every picture we tried to take he would boldly proclaim "We're done now" and walk away. Trying to get a good Christmas picture was a challenge.  He loves to dance and jump, too bad the camera doesn't love when he dances and jumps.

We tried to explain to Daniel that Christmas was Jesus birthday.  Try explaining that to a 2 year old that finally just got what a Birthday means, cake and presents.  He cried and in the middle of sobbing he would say "no my birthday".  Finally he understood a little but I still don't think he liked it.  The next thing that was so hard to explain was not every present was for him.  One night after supper we told him we were going to go Christmas shopping to buy presents, to which he responded "buy a present for me", again a melt down when we explained no.  When we got to the store we told Daniel he had to pick out toys for other little boys that maybe weren't going to get presents otherwise.  And que another meltdown!  Finally he calmed down and I think he really understood.  He went down the car aisle (for anyone that knows Daniel this was probably killing him to go down this aisle and not get anything for himself he loves cars) and picked out some monster trucks and hot wheels.  After that every time we went to the store he wanted to get presents for "boys that didn't have presents".  Christmas with a 2 year old is fun!

Christmas eve Daniel set out cookies for Santa, like 10 cookies and 5 carrots.  When we set them on the toy box, Daniel climbed up and grabbed a cookie and helped himself to Santa's snack.

In the morning that was the first thing he looked for.  He wasn't so happy that Santa ate his cookies.  For Christmas all Daniel asked for was cookies.  He was so fun.  Here is a video of him opening one of his presents:

Christmas morning before we left the house we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, I believe this will be one of my favorite Christmas Traditions. Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I pray everyday that next year we at least have a picture of our baby boy, that will be the best Christmas present ever.  Until then we will enjoy everyday as a family of 3 and thank God for the precious gift of his son on that winter's morning.

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