Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fun

This summer has been full of fun. So many things that Daniel did last year but since he was so small it is like he is experiencing them for the first time all over again, only this time he has started catching on to things a lot quicker. We have learned we have to watch what we say and what we do because this little one is smart and repeats everything! He loves to swim, he is like a fish and has no fear of the water. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not! He loves to jump in and has started trying to swim with his face in the water. I am pretty sure by the end of summer he is not going to like being in his little floaty innertube thing. Below is a picture of Daniel and Ray swimming together.

Growing up I remember every weekend in the summer spending the evenings at car show after car show with my mom and dad. Since both of our family's have classic cars or show cars Mark and I also invested in a car. Which was a good thing because Daniel loves the car shows. He loves to look at the sweet motors and big tires. He can name every part on a car (big parts like motor, door, tire, window, etc.). He will also tell you who rides in which cars. He likes to watch the cars and bikes run down the drag strip too. Every year Salem OH has what they call the Super Nationals. Tons of classic and show cars (even some not so much show cars) all in one place, some just sitting there and some drag racing down the track. Daniel loves them all. He will talk for hours about the different cards. Below are some pictures from this event this year, Daniel sitting in Pepa's car, and cleaning every ones cars. He watched the drag racing from Daddy's shoulders with Daddy's glasses on.

The best time we have in the summer is hanging out with our family and friends. Bonfires, pizza party's and just relaxing at home. In my opinion this is what makes summer fun. We spend time at Meka and Papa's swimming, bonfire's at Audras, mowing the grass and swinging at Mamaw and Pepa's and so much more. A couple of weeks ago we had the cutest little Ethiopian Princess over for a play date. It is hard to believe over a year ago both Hope and Daniel were in the transition home together and now they are living only an hour apart. I love to just watch them together. Below are pictures from all our summer adventures so far this summer.

I can't wait to see what else the summer will bring. I love seeing the summer through the eyes of a 2 year old who just seems so excited with everything. We have started going on bike rides at night. There is a seat attached to Mark's bike and Daniel loves it. Tonight as we were riding he was singing loudly the whole way. My favorite song was the Mommy Daddy song. The baby seat was on my bike for awhile but that extra 30 pounds is really hard to pedal through. Great exercise though. I love summer!

On the new adoption front, we have most of our documents just waiting on some things out of our control and I am hoping to be DTE by the end of August. We will see how well that goes!

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