Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween

Ok so I am little behind blogging, but have you met Daniel! So Halloween was fun. Daniel made in my mind the cutest little Ewok ever. I am sort of partial though. He got to wear his costume a couple of times. Thank goodness Halloween wasn't any later we would have been buying another costume. It barely fit he has grown so much. The funniest part was the hood part wouldn't fit quite right because his hair has become a little big. His little round brown face was so precious sticking out the hole in the hood.

Saturday was the Halloween Party at RJ's house. This would be Daniel's first experience with things in a mask or face paint. We weren't sure what he would do. He was so friendly and excited to see the tall skeleton that greeted you at the door at Walmart or the creepy witch that was stirring a caldron in the aisle. He waved to them and laughed when he saw them. Now a real person in a mask or with their face painted was a different story. He wanted nothing to do with Uncle RJ because of his face paint. He stayed away from all the dressed up people and hung out in the garage playing with a tractor all night.

Daniel liked trick or treating I think. He had the most fun walking down the street waving at everyone that passed us. He also loved getting the candy out of the bowl and putting it into his pumpkin himself. He was to cute. For the most part he left his hood on the entire time too. I have to wonder though what was going through his little head. Seeing all these people in different costumes, going to houses and getting candy. To me it would be scary for a little kid. Plus it was cold. Good thing is we didn't trick or treat long, we just went to family and friends houses. Since he is only 20 months old and doesn't need the candy. I was so thankful for those houses that passed out goldfish, pretzels or some kind of healthy snack. As a child they probably hated those houses. As a mom I loved them! Here are some pictures of our 1st halloween together:

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