Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There is no better word to describe what I have been feeling in the last week or two - Overwhelmed! I have been:

Overwhelmed by life in general. How you could go from nothing to so extremely busy that you don't even get to sleep!

Overwhelmed by God's grace and the way he works in our lives. It may not always be our plan but his plan is so much better if we just have the patience and understanding to wait on his timing!

Overwhelmed by the generousity, love, support and prayers of wonderful friends and family.

Overwhelmed with the fact that in 6 days the courts in Ethiopia will reopen (hopefully) and our case will be taken before the judge to get a new court date since ours is currently a Saturday Oct 10th. Trusting in God on this one!

Overwhelmed with the fact that potentially in 20 days we could be on our way to meet the baby we have been praying for for the last 4 years (remember I said God's plan is so much better we just need to wait and listen for instruction)!

Overwhelmed with nervousness, love and excitement because in approximately 27 days we could be holding our baby boy for the first time!

In general I am just overwhelmed! God has a plan so I will put all the anxiety and nervousness away and trust that his plan is WAY bigger than mine and he has a wonderful gift waiting for us on the other side! Please pray with us that we will get a new court date before Oct 10th and will be able to follow this plan he has put us on to hold our son finally in 27 days!!!!!!!!!!

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Erica said...

I am so glad you posted this because I've been feeling the same way and my husband says I just need to calm down. There is SO much involved with preparing to travel while at the same time guarding your heart because of the unknown court factor. Personally, I've been praying that the court personnel will decide to actually start hearing cases before Oct. 7 and we will all get calls out of nowhere stating that the court approved our cases ahead of schedule - I know it's unlikely but it does happen and has happened as recently as August with the Gomez family! God is going to provide for all of us! Praying for you!