Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Approvals and Tickets

We received our fingerprint renewal (I-171H) approval yesterday! That was a very quick turnaround. We just went last Thursday, now we pray that the information gets sent to the correct place in Ethiopia before we get there. Some people have had trouble with that part.

Now for very exciting news, we purchased our tickets yesterday! We were willing to take the risk of having to pay a change fee if something should happen to push our travel back. We are praying that God will help to release our little boy on the 10th and we will be able to bring him home! I am getting kind of nervous now there is so much to do and I don't know where to start and we will tentatively leave in 3.5 weeks! Agh......... We are going to Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Erica said...

Wow - that must be record processing for USCIS! When we received our updated I-171H on Monday, I told my husband that we needed to pray really hard for your family because it took 3 weeks for our fingerprinting to be processed and I knew that would be pushing it for your family if your field office took that long. God is so good!