Thursday, August 6, 2009

Court Date

We received a call from Anna today, our court date is October 10th. Yes that means we are caught up in court closures. They did everything they could to try and get us in before the closures but the courts would not budge. We are happy to know a court date that we can actually focus on even if it is 2 months away. I tried to prepare myself for getting caught in closures, still doesn't make it easy.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU LORD! OUR NEPHEW IS ON HIS WAY HOME :)Aunt & Uncle Heddleson...and cousin B, too ;)

Annie said...

Congratulations!! Glad you have a date that you can start the "countdown" to. What wonderful news!

Annie and Maya (from the NE Ohio ETH group)

The Williams Family Blog said...

oh my gosh!!!! just saw you got referral!! its been cazy, so i haven't been keeping up with people. congrats!!!!

Patti Cramer said...


I know it has been a long time since you have heard from me, and I am hoping to make that up to you, but I think it is awesome that you have this opportunity, I know Daniel is a very lucky boy to have the both of you to love him.

I love you

Aunt Patti