Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3rd Care Package

44 more days until our court date. I can't believe August is almost over even though I am honestly wishing the months away until we get to see that sweet face. We should be getting more pictures this week from The Taylors who travelled to pick up their sweet baby girl, she is a cutie. We should also receive our August update the end of this week or next week. I am so excited to see how much weight he has gained. I can't wait to post pictures for all of you to see. You will fall in love the minute you look at him. Of course I could be biased.

The pictures below are pictures of our 3rd care package that will be travelling with The Pellizzari's next week. I love knowing our little man is receiving so much love from the families travelling to pick up their kids and I can't wait to return the favor! Enjoy the pics:

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