Friday, May 8, 2009

Court, Referrals & Mother's Day

We were so excited three weeks ago when the referrals came rolling in on a Friday. We were bumped up to number 7ish (give or take a few mystery families). Since then there has only been 1 referral that we know of. That is the nature of the waiting game, you have the highs and the lows. Since we passed the 7 month waiting mark it seems to get harder and harder to wait patiently. Sunday is Mother's Day and as much as I love my mother's and grandmothers it is not going to be an easy day. Last year on Mother's Day we were so hopeful we would have a little boy by now. It was just not in God's plan for that to happen this year. Now I am not giving up hope there are still a few hours left today that referrals could come in but I highly doubt one will be ours. To make Sunday even harder it is Baby Dedication at church. The last few years since we have been trying I try to avoid Baby Dedication Sunday, it is to hard on my heart since I so badly want to be a mother up there dedicating my baby. I know that one day we will dedicate our son in front of the whole congregation and we will be happier than ever. But this year will not be that year. I know this post is kind of down and not very hopeful but hey everyone has their moments and this weekend seems to be mine. I know God has picked out the perfect child that we will one day soon see and I will continue to have faith and pray to the One who is in control until that day comes. Right now I am going to pray to make it through this weekend and not be an emotional wreck (very doubtful).

Also there are a lot of families that will be going to court the rest of this month. Please pray that their court dates will go smoothly and they can bring their children home to their forever families!

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