Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Referrals

What a great month March was for referrals and court dates. There were around 21 referrals in March and a ton of families that passed court. The week of 3-25 5 families travelled to pick up their children, the week of 4-11 7 families (possibly more) will be travelling and so far the week of 4-23 4 families are travelling. One family that has had their referral and stuck in the court process for 6 months passed court today!!! Praise God, he can truly move the mountains. Keep praying with us that April will be just as good. From my count we are around number 11ish for a boy (could me a little more due to mystery families that we don't know about on YG (yahoo group)). We could potentially have a referral in the next couple of months, though I am trying not to set my expectations to high. But the Lord knows I am ready to see my baby boy's sweet face. I know God has the perfect child in mind for us, we just have to be patient and wait (I am so not very good at the waiting part).

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