Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do Dreams Really Come True?

The anxiousness is starting! So far for April there have been 3 girls and 4 boys referred this week. We are around number 7ish for a boy (give or take a few mystery families not on the yahoo group). Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday we were saying we are around number 30ish. Even though the waiting is getting harder and I have officially become obsessed with checking the YG for referral posts and on deck emails, we are getting extremely excited. Everytime I log in my email and it tells me I have 1 new email, my heart almost stops and I think could this be our "On Deck" email. Everytime my phone vibrates or rings once again my heart skips a beat until I see that it is not AWAA calling. I can not even imagine what it will be like when we do receive the on deck email and we are at the top of the YG for a boy. I am going to have major OCD. I am ready to start packing and planning the shower and buying stuff! Oh the things we learn from waiting. I am getting major lessons in patience from God. (not one of my best talents at all) I will keep you posted I am sure everyone will hear me screaming when the time comes.

I can't imagine what it will be like to see that precious baby's face. I have seen him in my dreams the last few months. I can see the big brown eyes looking at me and that smiling face. I even dreamed him in the pajama's that we bought for him. Do you think he will look anything like my dream? Only God knows, he has the perfect child picked out just for us. Someone who needs a mom and dad that will love him to pieces. Like I have said before, how can you love someone so much already that you haven't even seen or don't even know. Is it just the love of a mother?

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