Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving Court Dates

Praise God - court dates are moving again in Ethiopia!!!!! Several families posted on the YG (yahoo group) that their dates have moved from the end of April to the end of March. There are approximately 19 families with court in March that we know of. This is truly a work of God. MOW@ decided to process more than 20 requests a day and another judge has just come back to work. The faster families move through court, the quicker they can pick up their kids making more room for kids at the TH (transition home) which means more referrals YEAH!!!!! Keep praying with us that with this transition - more referrals will be passed out and moved through court before court closures from August-October. We do not want to get caught up in court closures. Praying for a referral in the next couple of months!!!!!


Jeremy and Sheila said...

I saw your blog listed on the NE Ohio google group!! We went on wait list Oct 23rd so about a month behind you!! So excited to "meet" another family adopting. Welcome to the group and hope you get a call soon!!

The Williams Family Blog said...

praying for a quick referral for you guys!!! after the summer hits, time will fly!!