Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Months Waiting

We are officially 6 months waiting today. It doesn't get any easier, possibly it gets harder. March has been a great month for referrals and court. There have been a ton of referrals (a lot of girls) and quite a few families have travelled to pick up their little ones. We continue to pray and dream of the day we get "the call" that says today is your day, we have a little boy here just for you! Time is coming, I know we need to wait patiently for God has a plan and it will happen in his time and according to his will. We are going to celebrate and praise God like there is no tomorrow when we get that call. Meanwhile we continue to prepare, decorating his room and putting toys away. Keep praying with us for more referrals and passing of court so as families rejoice in picking up thier children we are one step closer to seeing our sweet baby boy for the first time!

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