Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where You Least Expect It

Sometimes God puts people in your path in the places you least expect. Mark and I went to a conference in Kentucky this past weekend with our Jr high kids from the church. I go every year it is an amazing experience and lots of fun. The conference is for two days, we go swimming at the Y and then do a homeless outreach project in downtown Cincinnatti on Sunday. While we were there Mark met a couple from Cleveland that just came home with thier little boy from Ethiopia, he was 2 and so cute. It was nice to talk to a person face to face about their experience of traveling and bringing their child home. (which by the way just made me want it to happen even quicker) They told us they had also met another family that was in the process of adopting from Ethiopia from America World (our agency) earlier in the weekend. You never know where you are going to meet the people that are on the same journey as you. It is all in God's plan!

So we will officially be 5 months waiting tomorrow. The first 4 months seemed to go by quickly but now the time is dragging, I am ready to see at least a picture of our baby boy. I know all in God's time it will happen. Sometimes you have to just keep telling yourself that. Keep praying for referrals for February, there were 10 referrals in the first two weeks mostly for girls and older children. We also need to pray for families to pass court so they can travel to pick up their little ones which will open up more room in the transition home for more children, which means more referrals.

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