Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 Months Waiting

We were officially 4 months waiting for a referral yesterday. The wait times are estimated about 9 months for an infant boy right now so we are approximately 1/2 way there. January was a good referral month so far for AWAA - if I have counted right there have been approximately 19 referrals total. What a good start to the year, praise God! We keep praying for God to continue moving through this process as quickly as he has in the past month, who knows maybe it will be less than 9 months for a referral for us!!!!


Amber said...

congrats on 4 months! we are just ahead of you at 5.5 months waiting. i am praying these wait times DECREASE and more referrals come out soon!!! how exciting that we are getting a little closer :)

The Williams Family Blog said...

Just wanted to say HI, and that it was so awesome meeting you guys yesterday at Jr. High Believe!!!

-Scott & Frances Williams