Sunday, August 17, 2008

USCIS Approval Received

Sunday August 17, 2008

We can home from a wedding today and guess what was waiting. Our I171-H form from USCIS stating that we have been approved to bring a child into the United States. We were waiting on that form and didn't expect to see it this soon. Now our next step is to send everything off to the Secretary of State to be Apostilled (certified) and then we send it all to America World for translation and off to Ethiopia. Before we know it we will be getting the call to travel to Ethiopia to pick up our son. It is kind of funny because on our way to Mount Vernon for the wedding Saturday morning I told Mark maybe our USCIS form will come today and we can move on to the next step. We both kind of laughed and didn't think twice about it until we came home and there it was. Funny how God works, ask and you shall receive.

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